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Chalmers University of Technology: Security & the Connected Car

Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden shared its view on Connected Car Security. The presentation is centered around security threats induced by remote controlled vehicles and how to cope with them to reduce bugs and vulnerabilities. It turns out that hackers are not the only potential threat for connected cars - even third party developers, authorities and car owners themselves may threaten vehicular networks.

Key Learning Points

  • Currently vehicular networks are complex as ordinary office networks, but lack protection mechanisms.
  • Third party developers or repair shops may harm vehicle functionality and hence their safety.
  • Car manufacturers still implement untested and easy-to-hack systems. About every device that has been desired to be hacked into, has.
  • Solutions: tools for automatic partitioning, distance bounding protocols via RFID, automotive Big Data.

If you like to view the full Case Study “Securing the Connected Car” you can download it here and get to know Connected Cars from a researcher’s perspective.

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