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Driver workload assessments - Case Study by Denso

Have a look at Denso’s presentation on driver workload management held at the Automotive Apps Evolution conference. The vehicle is becoming an increasingly complex environment because of more devices being brought into car to interact with. The consequence: many reported crashes involving electronic device-related distractions. Driver workload management is one approach to cope with increasing demands for drivers on the road via HMI systems.

Key Learning Points

  • Road infrastructure is becoming increasingly demanding (traffic density, greater use of signage, road structure complexity).
  • Society’s concern: increased driver workload and distraction lead to more accidents.
  • A smart HMI solution would be a workload manager with 2 key functions: assessment of the driver’s current workload level & control the HMI to support but not overload the driver.
  • Minimizing driver distraction whilst optimizing the driver and passenger experience and at the same time is a real opportunity for intelligent design concepts.
  • GENIVI Alliance is already driving the broad adoption of an in-vehicle infotainment open-source development platform.

View the full Case Study “Driver workload assessment and safe management of in-car apps” and learn how Denso’s approaches the potential threat of driver workload increase.

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