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Inrix rolled out the new Data Platform AV Road Rules

A new platform is being developed to make autonomous driving safer, more efficient and more up-to-date: AV Road Rules.

US-american traffic analytics service Inrix has launched a new platform to integrate local authority data and make it accessible to self-driving vehicles.

Traffic rules for HAVs

The platform was named AV Road Rules and that’s exactly what it’s all about. Data on traffic regulations are fed in via the platform and made accessible for autonomous vehicles. Specifically, this addresses HAVs - highly automated vehicles at level 4. These models are already able to drive mainly autonomously.

Platform data should include local traffic rules, which are then communicated to the car. The vehicle could then behave in accordance with the applicable rules. The authorities are to feed the necessary data into the platform. In addition to local traffic regulations, authorities can also integrate information about road signs, pedestrian crossings, traffic restrictions, cycle paths, speed limits or school areas into AV Road Rules.

One database for everybody?

Inrix hopes that AV Road Rules will improve its position on the market, but also increase safety and efficiency in traffic. With a central platform that is updated regularly data validity and correctness can be improved.

The AV Road Rules project already took off and has got seven cities as cooperation partners. These include cities in the USA as well as in Great Britain. In the United States, those cities are Austin in Texas, Boston and Cambridge in Massachusetts, Portland in Maine and Las Vegas in Nevada. In UK, the West Midlands and Scotland transport agencies are involved in the project.

The project is also supported by various operators of automated vehicles: Jaguar Land Rover, May Mobility, nuTonomy, and Renovo, which operates the AWare platform. Inrix plans to implement AV Road Rules all over the world in the long term.

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