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CGI Studio - Our Tip for Automotive HMI Design

Digital instrument clusters, head-up displays, infotainment systems (IVI), rear seat entertainment - these are only a few HMI innovations that are demanded in an ever-converging automotive industry. We would like to present a HMI solution that covers all the specified innovations - CGI Studio. The scalable and hardware independent software platform is developed by Socionext Embedded Software Austria GmbH, a leading Austrian HMI tool provider and development partner for automotive and industrial customers worldwide.

CGI Studio is a Software platform for development of 2D/3D automotive HMIs

CGI Studio

CGI Studio is Socionext’s 2D/3D software development solution for creating automotive Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI’s). The end-product is a solution that meets essential automotive requirements such as fast boot up time, small memory footprint and compliance to ever more stringent automotive standards and safety regulations. The special USP of CGI Studio lies in the representation of 2D / 3D display elements but it also includes features such as multilingualism, particularly sophisticated safety functions (functional safety) and a reliable and worldwide customer service. Many automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide already rely on this software tool. At the moment there are more than 50 million cars with CGI Studio on the road.

About SESA

Socionext Embedded Software Austria (SESA) was founded in 2000 in Linz and is a subsidiary of Socionext Inc., based in Shin-Yokohama, Japan. Despite being part of the Socionext Group SESA operates in a self-sufficient manner providing a product range developed entirely at the location in Linz, Austria. SESA supports its customers with the CGI Studio tool environment as well as provision of software services mainly in the areas of HMI development and embedded software.

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