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Webinar: Dedicated OPTIS solution for Automotive HUD development

By delivering qualitative information directly into the driver’s line of sight in real time, Head Up Displays (HUDs) will take comfort, safety and automotive experience to a new level. HUD is stated by Forbes as one of the top 3 advanced car technologies by 2020. With the upcoming arrival of Augmented Reality, the significant growth of HUD implementation reveals new challenges in terms of development productivity and collaboration between automakers and the supply chain.
OPTIS SPEOS HUD 2017 is a consistent solution bringing cutting edge features specifically dedicated to HUD development in automotive; embedding optical/vision knowledge and seamless integration in the CAD/PLM environment.
Watch the webinar and discover how to design and experience HUD and especially AR-HUD in virtual environments. Learn to provide the best comfort and safety capabilities right from the start and deliver your innovations sooner to the market.

Webinar hosts:

Cedric Bellanger

Product Marketing Manager

Ludovic Manillier

Business Development – Augmented Reality / HUD

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