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Towards connected navigation - Case Study by TomTom

Demands of today’s connected cars are steadily increasing. Nowadays navigation systems have to meet full infotainment requirements offering a great user experience and customization features. TomTom International BV is constantly working on developing the next generation user interface. During the Case Study Cees van Dok introduced the fruits of TomTom’s research and work on connected navigation.

Key Learning Points

  • Many electronic features that meant to be innovations only frustrated their end users.
  • A map as the user interface - less menu and more map for an intuitive starting point for the user.
  • Map augmentations give the driver a better impression of the area (road network, dense urban areas).
  • Connected navigation services also include real-time positions of speed cameras to save money.

If you like to view the full Case Study “Meeting the demands of today’s connected cars” you can download it here.

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