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Infographic: Where next for car technology?

Here’s the thing about cars: they’re becoming smarter. A lot smarter. Some might say so smart that they essentially have a mind of their own, which autonomous cars do, really. But what about other technological features that we can soon expect to see in many motorists’ vehicles?
This infographic from Southside Motor Factors outlines 10 of the coolest motoring tech innovations, including the much-feted autopilot system. Tesla has a system which, while not giving the vehicle full autonomy, enables it to change lanes automatically, parallel park and warn drivers of probable side collisions.
Another step towards driverless cars is that of rotating seats which would allow all occupants of a vehicle to face each other. This would only come to pass once cars become completely autonomous, but it’s a feature that drivers would certainly appreciate, especially on long journeys.
Check out the infographic below to see plenty more cutting edge technological features set to take the motoring world by storm.

About the author:

Neil Tohill is the Director of Southside Motor Factors (, an Irish car accessories shop. He frequently writes content about motoring issues and is especially interested in motoring technology.