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Tech.AD Europe 2020 Driving Days with AutonomouStuff

We concluded three days of networking and autonomous driving discussions at Tech.AD Europe 2020 with a hands-on (or off) autonomy experience at our Driving Days event at the ADAC Driving Safety Place.

The Driving Days demonstrations help participants visualize the autonomous vehicle technologies everyone had discussed over the previous days. Bringing that visualization to life this year was Hexagon | AutonomouStuff, a global leader in autonomous engineering services, R&D platforms, sensors and software that aid the advancement of robotics and autonomy systems. AutonomouStuff debuted a new facet of its Lexus RX450h Automated Research Development Platform — a safety concept for the PACMod 3.0 drive-by-wire system developed in collaboration with TÜV SÜD to meet rigorous road standards in Germany and throughout Europe.

Driving Days 2020

The safety-focused enhancement complements the platform’s other established features: an Autoware autonomous driving software stack, lidar-based localization with HD map matching, and object detection and classification algorithms derived using machine learning. With the TÜV SÜD-approved safety concept, AutonomouStuff’s Lexus platform creates a clear path toward production-grade components and software in Europe and beyond.

Thank you to AutonomouStuff for conducting the perfect finale of Tech.AD Europe 2020!