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Smarter HMI in connected car eco-systems - Case Study Jaguar Land Rover

ScaleUp 360° Car HMI is the digital gathering of stakeholders playing an active role in the technical and design field for automotive HMI and UX development. During 2 days of live webinars and case studies, decision makers and industry thought leaders presented challenges in HMI and UX development.

Today, we would like to share some insights with an exclusive ScaleUp 360° Car HMI on-demand video:

Smarter HMI in connected car eco-systems, Jaguar Land Rover
Alan Armstrong | Technical Specialist | Jaguar Land Rover

In his case study, Alan Armstrong present the HMI factors which impact or are impacted by the shift towards shared mobility and technology trends towards HMI. Key learnings are:

  • Awareness of customer wants/issues with shared mobility
  • Awareness of customer wants/issues with smart HMI
  • Understanding of synergies between smart HMI and shared mobility
  • Awareness of technology trends affecting shared mobility and smart HMI

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