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ScaleUp 360° Auto Vision: The Online Event for Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion Experts

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On October 17-18 2019, ScaleUp 360° Auto Vision brings together more than 200 automotive decision makers and leading technical professionals to discuss challenges and solutions in developing and integrating the latest sensor hardware and computer vision approaches for Level 5 automation. In 12 webinars over 2 days participants have the chance to learn, engage and discuss tech innovation in real-time with thought leaders across the globe – right from their desks.

These are our topics at the 2019 ScaleUp 360° Auto Vision:

  • Image processing and Computer Vision - What to expect from this liaison?
  • Leveraging sensor hardware - How to overcome challenges in lidar, radar and camera sensor development?
  • Training & Validation: How to implement computer vision algorithms for object detection?
  • Sensor Fusion Technology – How to merge sensors to perceive the whole environment around the vehicle?
  • Getting a clearer image - What are tools to overcome design and image quality challenges for camera sensors?
  • AI and ground truth data - How to train and validate computer vision models for object detection?
  • In-cabin sensing - How intelligent driver monitoring sensors improve autonomous vehicle safety
  • Putting perception on the map - How to combine sensor technology with HD mapping to deliver high quality data?
  • How can the use of edge computing lead to a much faster perception by automated vehicles?
  • How can virtual testing & validation accelerate autonomous vehicle development?

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