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Magneti Marelli invests in solid-state LiDAR expert LeddarTech

Magneti Marelli acquires a stake in the company and enters into a technical and commercial cooperation agreement.
LeddarTech is a Canadian company that develops a proprietary LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technology integrated into semiconductors and sensor modules for self-driving cars and driver assistance systems. LeddarTech specializes in solid-state LiDAR systems that use infrared light to monitor the area around them.
LiDAR technology naturally aligns with the evolution of Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting technologies towards autonomous driving purposes, building on the innovative “Smart Corner” solution presented at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Magneti Marelli has acquired a stake in LeddarTech Inc., a worldwide leader in solid state LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) sensing technology. Magneti Marelli and LeddarTech have also entered into a technical and commercial cooperation agreement to jointly develop complete LiDAR systems aimed at autonomous driving applications and destined for integration in automotive lighting products for OEMs worldwide.

LiDAR is a sensor technology based on laser light that – in combination with cameras and radar – will enable autonomous driving levels 2 through 5 (from partial to full driving automation, as defined by SAE International’s standard).

“Our know-how in high-end lighting technologies paves the way to new applications aimed at autonomous driving systems, which will be crucial in the future of automotive” – said Pietro Gorlier, CEO of Magneti Marelli. “The investment in LeddarTech, with its proven and proprietary competence in solid-state LiDAR sensors, provides Magneti Marelli with the opportunity to partner with a technology leader with key expertise in this strategically important sector”.

Autonomous driving requires a range of sensors to provide information which enables the car to understand and navigate the environment. LiDAR technology is particularly suitable due to its advanced features, including precise object localization and multiple objects detection even if they are moving, or in difficult lighting and weather conditions.

Founded in 2007 in Quebec City, LeddarTech is a reference in optical detection and ranging technology. Thanks to its unique approach in remote object detection, the company has gained a leadership position in LiDAR.

In particular, LeddarTech develops solid-state LiDAR systems, which provide reliable, high-performing and cost effective sensors. LeddarTech uses patented signal acquisition and processing techniques that are used to generate cleaner return signals with better range and sensitivity over other solid-state LiDAR solutions.

Magneti Marelli has already started to exploit its electronics and lighting know-how, coupling them in the perspective of autonomous driving technology. The first development is the “Smart Corner” solution, already exhibited at CES Las Vegas 2017, that uses the areas of the car traditionally reserved for lighting systems - i.e. the corners - to bring together the various sensors useful for autonomous driving into one unit. Integrated into the advanced projector headlamps and tail lamps are solid state LiDAR, cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors to create a modular, self-contained, efficient solution to package and locate the many sensors required to support autonomous capability.

About Magneti Marelli:

Magneti Marelli designs and produces advanced systems and components for the automotive industry. With 86 production units, 14 R&D centres in 21 countries, approximately 43,000 employees and a turnover of 7.9 billion Euro in 2016, the group supplies all the major carmakers in Europe, North and South America and the Asia Pacific region. The business areas include Electronic Systems, Lighting, Powertrain, Suspension and Shock Absorbing Systems, Exhaust Systems, Aftermarket Parts & Services, Plastic Components and Modules, Motorsport. Magneti Marelli is part of FCA.

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