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Join the Number 1 Online Event on Level 5 Automation: ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI

SCALEUP 360° Automotive AI returns in 2020. The number 1 online event on Level +5 automation will be taking place on February 04 - 05 2020 offering 12 webinars over 2 days. Register online for free and tune into any of the live session right from your desk.

During the event, stakeholders involved in deep driving, imaging and computer vision present case studies and discuss current challenges and solutions in the field of autonomous vehicle development. This event offers automotive experts the unique opportunity to learn and discuss automotive tech innovation with thought leaders across the globe – right from their desk.

These are ScaleUp 360 Automotive AI topics in 2020:

Making Sensor Fusion happen – What are tools & technologies to combine data from different sensor types?
Automotive Imaging via Camera Sensors - How to develop & implement camera algorithms that enable tasks from object recognition & classification to localization, planning and even decision making?
Which tools enable precise and robust localization across different environments, weather conditions and illuminations?
Creating Digital Twins of roads – What’s the toolkit for building HD Maps that make vehicles location- and environment-aware, even despite GPS outages?
Repolishing camera images – How to automate camera tuning for computer vision approaches?
How can AI-powered perception and sensor fusion help to ensure safety?
Realizing deep learning in cars – what is needed to go beyond machine learning (More processing power, accurate training data, safety)?

Here are some of the speaker highlights that await us in February:

Developing an efficient Method for Vehicular Radar System Integration
Niels Koch | Component Owner Radar Systems for Driver Assistance | AUDI AG
Future Energy Management for Intelligent Cars: Reflex-Augmented Reinforcement Learning as a Key Technology
Andreas Heimrath | Machine Learning Expert | BMW Group
Uncertainties of Safety Critical AI Systems and Accepted Risk
Daniel Petrisor | Expert in Safety of Artificial Intelligence Systems | Continental Automotive
Beyond the boundaries of C: writing ASIL-4 software with verification-centric language SPARK Ada and Formal Proof
Rob Tice | Lead Technical Account Manager | AdaCore

Join us when automotive decision makers and leading technical professionals present their challenges, experiences and solutions in integrating latest technologies needed to deep dive into Level +5 automation. For more information on the agenda, our partners and online registration, visit our website at www.scale-up-360.com/en/automotive-ai/

February 04 - 05, 2020 | Digital Event