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Join the leading digital event on vehicle automation in the USA: ScaleUp 360° Tech.AD USA

The number 1 online event on the development and technical future of level 4+ autonomous vehicles will be taking place on June 24 - 25 2020 offering 12 webinars over 2 days.

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You can experience 2 days of live webinars and case studies by executives and thought leaders from automotive OEMs, T1s, research institutes, automotive suppliers & solution providers on challenges, use cases, concepts, solutions and innovations under the motto L4+ Automated Driving & Autonomous Vehicles and engage with your peers in real-time – right from your desk.

These are ScaleUp 360 Tech.AD USA topics in 2020:

Sensor Fusion & Perception Technologies – Which tools facilitate combining sensor technology with HD mapping to deliver high quality data?
AI, Deep Driving & Machine Learning – What solutions are there to gather data and implement algorhytms?
Autonomous Shuttles, Trucking Automation, Platooning & Deployment – How to overcome recurring issues in fleet automation?
Virtual & Real Life Testing, Validation & Simulation – Which test cases can be covered with simulations and which not?
Autonomous Vehicle Software Architectures, Deep Learning & AV Platforms – How to overcome the challenges in development and testing of fail-operational automated driving architectures?
Safety & Security – How can we ensure functional safety with AI and Machine Learning Technologies?
V2X, V2V & Connected Vehicle Technologies – What benefits will 5G bring to V2X and autonomous vehicles?

ScaleUp 360° Tech.AD USA Speaker Panel:

Dr. Ron Melz, Director of Processes / Methods / Tools / AI for Highly Automated Driving - Audi AG
Dr. Holger Claus, Automated Driving Group Leader - Daimler AG
Dr. Stefan Stölzl, Head of Automated Driving Systems - Continental AG
Dr. Helge Neuner, Head of Automated Driving for Group Research - Volkswagen AG

Join us when automotive decision makers and leading technical professionals present their challenges, experiences and solutions in integrating latest technologies needed to develop vehicle automation. For more information on the agenda, our partners and online registration, visit our website at

June 25 - 25, 2020 | Digital Event