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Dr. Jan Of: How HMI is affecting automotive

Dr. Jan Of
Professor for Creative Studies, University of Pforzheim

Dr. Jan Of
Professor for Creative Studies, University of Pforzheim

Prior to the Car HMI Europe Event, we.CONECT spoke with Dr. Jan Of, Professor for Creative Studies at the faculty of design of the University of Pforzheim. Dr. Of analyzes social status in the context of autonomous mobility. He raises the question: How do sharing concepts or autonomous mobility affect “the car” in its meaning as a status symbol?

What is your company’s relation to the automotive evolution of HMI concepts and systems? What are your respective activities in the field?

Dr. Jan Of: We develop exterior and interior automotive design in the field of cars and commercial vehicles and in this respect also HMI relevant concepts.

According to your experience, how is the automotive industry affected by recent Car HMI innovations?

HMI appears to be one of THE most important areas of innovation which will affect consumers and their behaviour significantly.

In which way are you / is your company engaged in the innovations happening in the automotive industry around Car HMI and user experience?

We take care of aesthetic, ergonomic and cost efficient automotive design, particularly in the area of commercial vehicles.

Which main factors influence HMI development at the moment?

Internet of things, connectivity, augmented reality, autonomous mobility and artificial intelligence.

What are the main challenges at the moment with regards to HMI concepts and systems development? Which solutions or approaches do you think might be possible?

The main challenges are: Dependence on IT industry, automotive industry and cars do not evolve as quick as IT industry; autonomous mobility and changing consumer behaviour.

Is there a recent issue related to Car HMI development that you feel will be crucial for the market?

The role of IT companies like Google or Apple.

Thank you for your time to participate in the interview!

Interview partners: Christina Fricke and Dr. Jan Of

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