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German Start-Up Motor AI Announces Certifiable Autonomous Driving

The German start-up Motor AI wants to score points with certification capability.

The start-up Motor AI is based in Berlin and is working on autonomous driving at levels 4 and 5, focusing on something that, according to its own statements, only happens a few times in the world: certifiability.

Up to now, the start-up has rarely been represented at trade fairs or public events. But many companies have already established contact with Motor AI. One of the company’s founders and CEO is Roy Uhlmann. Uhlmann is on the board of the Federal Association of German Start-ups and is himself an AI developer.

Certifiability of AI technology

Although there has been a law for autonomous driving in Germany since 2017, no system is yet approved that is level 3 or higher. Previous vehicle registrations have been based on research and development approvals, such as the parking garage at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, where the car can search for a parking space by itself. The fact that this is not possible is also due to the underlying ISO 26262, which requires reproducibility of results, which is not possible with learning systems such as artificial intelligence.

Motor AI and certifiability

The start-up Motor AI has, according to its own statements, developed a system which is, however, capable of being approved and certified. Because it makes its decisions on the basis of clearly defined basic rules. This approach, according to Roy Uhlmann, should lead to vehicles being able to be registered and thus reach level 5. This should be possible in just a few years, and partners have already been found within the automotive industry.

Now the start-up from Berlin, Germany,  has gained another well-known supporter. The former Minister of Economics and Justice Brigitte Zypries has joined Motor AI as an investor. She also classifies the technology of Motor AI as certifiable. This makes it possible to approve and insure the technology. This process has already started.

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