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Next Generation Use Cases of Automotive Interiors, Audi AG

Car HMI Europe is a well-established international knowledge exchange platform bringing together all stakeholders playing an active role in the technical and design field for automotive HMI and UX development. This exclusive networking event is the place to be to discuss opportunities as well as challenges in HMI and UX development that lie ahead of the automotive industry. The event provides precise insights into new business use cases, concepts, technical challenges and innovations while offering the chance to discuss specific roadmaps for “Future HMIs & UX Redefined”.

Today, we would like to share some insights with an exclusive ScaleUp 360° Car HMI on-demand video:

Next Generation Use Cases of Automotive Interiors, AUDI AG
Alexander Heimberger | Head of Future Interior Development | Audi AG

The next generation of Automotive Interiors is facing new use cases because of changing customer needs, e.g. relaxing in the car, having a great music experience or really working in the car. To respond these needs interior architecture, like seat positioning or I-pillar characteristics will change tremendously. To realize these changes not only new technical solutions are necessary but also new development methods.

In his case study, Alexander Heimberger puts the spotlight on key topics like:

  • How to create an interior from a holistic system (“Architect and Integrator”)
  • Use of virtual development methods (simulation and VR)
  • How to foster the cooperation between design, technical concepts interior development and HMI development

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