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Defining rules and policies for Automated Vehicle behaviour | General Motors Case Study

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Today, we would like to share some insights with an exclusive ScaleUp 360° Car HMI on-demand video:

Defining rules and policies for Automated Vehicle behaviour, General Motors 
Dr. Asaf Degani, Technical Fellow HMI | General Motors

In order to harbor autonomous vehicles (AVs) new driving rules will have to be developed. These new rules can be developed so as not only to improve traffic flows, but also to better accommodate the needs of pedestrians and other road users in the public space. Furthermore, passengers who are being driven by AVs will need to be informed about what the vehicle is doing and why.

The vehicle driving style will also need to be calibrated to achieve both passenger acceptance and positive reception by other road users. Watch the webinar and learn:

  • How the introduction of autonomous vehicles to the public space may lead to improve driving behavior on the road
  • Which new priority schemes have to be developed and communicated to all traffic participants such as drivers, passengers and pedestrians
  • About communication languages and features that are currently being investigated by academia the automotive industry

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