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Car HMI Award 2016 - Experience the winners and their projects

In the course of the Car HMI Europe event in Berlin we.CONECT presented the annual Car HMI Award honouring outstanding projects and performances in the field of HMI and User Experience. This year’s award categories were “Best Collaboration partner for developing HMI technology”, “Most user-friendly HMI feature” and “Most innovative HMI feature”.

Our Charity Partner for the Car HMI Award 2016 was Sozialhelden e.V. - an initiative founded by two cousins, Jan and Raul, to develop creative projects which address social problems. Raul is in a wheelchair himself, they both have South American roots and share a passion for social projects.

Who won the race for the award?

SoftKinetic grabbed the award for the “Best Collaboration partner for developing HMI technology” with their car infotainment gesture control system “DepthSense® CARlib for Automotive”. The system offers natural hand interaction with infotainment systems and is already being applied in the BMW 7 Series.

Daimler AG introduced the “Steering Wheel Touch Control” in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class and took home 1st place in the category “Most user-friendly HMI feature”. The system allows the driver to operate all functions of the instrument cluster and the head unit with the hands on the steering wheel. Continental Automotive also reached a remarkable 2nd place while Inpris Ltd. and Luxoft shared the 3rd place in the category.

The winner of the category “Most innovative HMI feature” is Volvo CE or rather “Volvo Co-Pilot”, an advanced technology combining a touchscreen interface and UX-design content that can be updated using mobile telecommunications. Volvo Co-Pilot was developed for the Construction Equipment industry and supports four key applications: Dig Assist, Pave Assist, Compact Assist and Load Assist. Gestigon and Volkswagen AG completed the podium with their cutting-edge HMI concepts.

Winner in the category "Best Collaboration partner for developing HMI technology"

1st Place:
DepthSense® CARlib for Automotive by SoftKinetic

Winners in the category "Most user-friendly HMI feature"

1nd Place:
Steering Wheel Touch Control for BR213 by Daimler AG

2nd Place:
Holistic Connectivity Car by Continental Automotive

3rd Place:
Sightless touch for drivers by Inpris Ltd

3rd Place:
Smart Messenger Concept by Luxoft

Winners in the category "Most innovative HMI feature"

1st Place:
Volvo Co-Pilot by Volvo CE

2nd Place:
Oyster by Gestigon

3rd Place:
Showcar CES 2016 by Volkswagen AG

Congratulations to the Car HMI Award winners 2016! If you have recently worked on a project related to Car HMI features, systems or technologies don’t hesitate to apply for the Car HMI Award 2017!

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