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Amazon: The future of voice inside the car

Car HMI USA is an award-winning international knowledge exchange platform bringing together all stakeholders leading the technical and design future of automotive HMIs and UX. For the 6th time in 2020, during 2 1/2 days you will get the unique chance to engage with your OEM, T1 & Supplier peers to discuss innovative opportunities as well as challenges in HMI and UX development that lie ahead in the industry. The event provides you with precise insights into new business use cases, concepts, technical challenges and innovations while offering you the chance to discuss specific roadmaps for autonomous vehicles, MaaS, robo taxis, car sharing and under the motto “Intuitive Vehicles + Next Generation UX + HMIs”

Today, we would like to share some insights with an exclusive on-demand video from this year “from Home” version:

The future of voice inside the car by Arianne Walker, Chief Evangelist, Alexa Automotive

Voice continues to advance, creating even better experiences for consumers. But, what do consumers really want and how do we get there? In this session, Arianne Walker, chief evangelist at Alexa Auto will share the latest in consumer insights and how Amazon is working on advancements for voice in the car for both the near and long term.

Key Takeaways:

  • Features consumers want to be able to control with voice in their cars
  • The importance of consistency and the promise of interoperability
  • How do implementations in the car stack up from a consumer perspective?
  • A view of what the future could look like with your voice assistant as a co-pilot

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